Don't leave your child cakeless!

Welcome to Mula Cake Kids Club

A place where your child can thrive. We don't just look after your child we aim to educate and entertain them.

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We are a Club who caters for your child’s every need from a sustainable breakfast, hot lunches to a healthy afternoon snack. Mula Cake Kids Club returns for the 4th year, so why not let us keep your children entertained by providing fun activities such as, Swimming and day trips. Someone has to keep the kids busy especially if you still have to work. Your kids are in safe hands with us! We like to make sure they go away having had plenty of fun so we have made sure that there is plenty planned.


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You're a parent. We get it.

Mula Cake Kids Club is the perfect place for your child to come and play, learn, and have fun during half term! Whether you are at home or out of town with work, we will take care of your little one while they enjoy our facilities.

Our staff is trained in early childhood education so that they can keep your kids engaged and entertained all day long! With activities like arts & crafts, cooking classes, sports games - there's something for everyone!

Don't worry about them getting bored because we rotate their schedule every week to make sure they never miss a beat.

Book a spot for your child during half term!


Frequently Asked questions

Simply click the book now button. We know your busy so have made this process as easy as possible for you.

Our online club is free however face to face clubs comes with a daily charge.

Care packages are priced at £10.

Each class is optional even if you are booked in for the whole week, for online classes children can come and go as it suits.

There is no limit to care packages once they are paid for.


Our happy parents


My name is Mya and I I am 9 years old and I really enjoy attending the Mula cake kids club because there is so much to do and there are so many new things to learn each time. I especially love learning all about business but I also like being creative with dancing and football and I really love that we do cooking and baking.


I think that it is really important for us young people to stay positive and be active in the school holidays this is the best kids club ever.

Danielle Blenman

I am very pleased to be providing ongoing self-love workshops and sessions for the mula cake kids club. It is so important to keep our young people empowered and and I am so happy that this is one of the things that the mula cake kids club recognises as being key for our young people to learn how to love themselves and how how to maintain a positive mindset and attitude towards life. 

Don't leave your child cakeless